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8 questions which our customers usually ask before they order

QuestionHow long has WebAsyst been established?
Answer: WebAsyst, LLC was founded in 2003, and the WebAsyst software project was commercially launched in 2004. Our development team is constantly working with and evaluating the software, and since that time, WebAsyst has released many new products and upgrades which meet the needs of a wide variety of individual and corporate users.

QuestionIs WebAsyst primarily a multi-user system or was it designed for personal use?
Answer: WebAsyst was specifically designed to be convenient both for individual users and for groups of any size. When the system is used by a group, the access rights can be defined for each user. Thus, each group member can work only with the data, to which access has been granted by the administrator. In case of individual use, the access rights system remains in the background and does not interfere with your work. Yet, it is always there, should you desire to invite other users.

QuestionWhat are the specific costs associated with the product? Is it a one-time purchase price or a monthly/annual subscription fee?
Answer: Both options are available. To pay only once and to be free to use the software for an unlimited period of time, buy WebAsyst as PHP scripts and install them on your own or a local hosting server. If you do not want to deal with installation and setup of new software and prefer a reasonable monthly fee, choose WebAsyst online services. For those hosted services, simply register yourself, get free access, and switch to the most suitable pricing plan at any time.

QuestionDo you offer any form of evaluation version so that I can try before I buy?
Answer: It is not only possible, we recommend that you try WebAsyst, and it is easy to do. Create your own WebAsyst website with a URL of the form ***your_site.webasyst.net. This will take you only 2 minutes. During registration, enter any word instead of ***your_site — it may be your real or nick name, or your company name. On your website, your may use all features of WebAsyst applications absolutely free of charge.

QuestionIs there a user manual and a knowledge base? Do you provide support consultations to users? How much do you charge for customer support?
Answer: WebAsyst comes with a comprehensive help system. For each WebAsyst application there is a user manual, which is updated when a new version is released. For quick troubleshooting, the "Support" section of the WebAsyst website contains a knowledge base. Free support consultations are provided by email to absolutely all users: both to those who have paid for WebAsyst scripts or an advanced pricing plan and to those who have registered a free WebAsyst online account for evaluation purposes.

Question: Can you provide reference for businesses or individual users who are successfully using your software?
Answer: Yes, and there are quite a few such customers. Many WebAsyst applications are used by online merchants who purchase WebAsyst Shop-Script together with other WebAsyst applications to establish web stores and manage their e-commerce business. Several successful online stores based on Shop-Script are listed in the "Clients" section of our website.

QuestionIs the system scalable? Does it work equally fast with ten or, say, several thousand users?
Answer: There is no built-in limitation for the number of users in WebAsyst. Real time use on our servers has shown that WebAsyst allows several thousand users to work online without any loss of efficiency.

QuestionIs there an active user group where one can freely share experience and ideas about your products?
Answer: You can discuss your experience with the use of WebAsyst applications and share ideas with other users in the WebAsyst forum.