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Why do I need the ADMINISTRATOR account?

WebAsyst has two kinds of user accounts:

  • ordinary users who can have access to WebAsyst applications such as Files, Mail, Store etc.;
  • the ADMINISTRATOR account.

The main difference of the ADMINISTRATOR account from ordinary users is that it cannot access WebAsyst applications. Its single purpose is to manage users and their access rights.

Managing account users can also be performed by an ordinary user. That user must have the "Users" section enabled in his or her access rights. If none of the account users has such permissions, only the ADMINISTRATOR account allows managing account users.

To log in to the ADMINISTRATOR account, enter ADMINISTRATOR in the "Login name" field, and the password of that account in field "Password".
The password of the ADMINISTRATOR account can only be accessible by the account owner. To obtain that password email your inquiry to our support team.

If you have WebAsyst installed on your server or virtual web hosting, the password is by default the same as for the main user. You can change it WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> Database".