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Automatically adding signed-up contacts to a list

When collecting new contact data using a signup form, it may be handy when subscribers are automatically added to the necessary lists. This allows you to send bulk mailings to the up-to-date list of subscribers.

To ensure that all subscribers, who have submitted their data through a signup form, are automatically added the certain lists, you may use both static and search-based lists.

Automatically adding subscribers to a static list

Add a signup form and click the "Customize" link in the form setup page. Then open the "Folder & Lists" tab and move the names of desired static lists to the left-hand list box – subscribers will be added to those lists. If you have no static lists in your account, at least one such list must be created prior to this setup.

Automatically adding subscribers to a search-based list

During creation of a signup form, select the folder where subscribers' data will be saved. Then create a search-based contact list. For example, if you need to retrieve the list of subscribers who have submitted their details using this particular signup form, you may create a search-based list using smart search with the following conditions:

  • "System — Added by": "subscribers via sign up form";
  • [and] "System — Folder": the folder selected in the signup form settings.
Note: The search conditions provided in the above example are not mandatory — you may modify them or add your custom search conditions to meet your personal requirements.