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Cannot remove files from the server

When trying to remove files from your server you may face a problem caused by insufficient access rights to the files or directories being removed. To complete the removal, change their permissions to the maximum values allowed on your server. On servers with UNIX-like operating systems such maximum values are 777 for directories and 666 for files. Permissions on such servers can be changed through an FTP client and/or by means of the web hosting file manager.

Tip: To ensure that you can remove files from a certain server directory, access rights to that directory should allow you to modify its contents.

Quite often an FTP user and the web hosting file manager have different access rights to the server file system. Therefore, if you fail to remove files using an FTP client, try to do the same with the file manager and vice versa. Should you fail to remove files using none of these methods, contact your system administrator for assistance.