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How to change the pricing plan

To switch to another pricing plan of the WebAsyst online services, first log in to your account. Type the URL of your WebAsyst account in the browser address bar (e.g., http://myaccountname.webasyst.net/) and enter your login name and password on the authorization page.

Upon login click on the Account link in the top-right page corner as shown in the picture:

On the next page use the Upgrade/Downgrade link to access the pricing plans management section:

To change the pricing plan, click on change/customize your plan at the page top and then select one of the following two options:

  1. Choose standard plan (green tab)
  2. Build your own plan (blue tab)

The first option offers several predefined pricing plans, which are meant for most users without special demands. Standard pricing plans offer lower prices as compared with custom ones.

Should your online activity require special options not available in any of the ready-to-use plans, choose to build a custom plan. In this case you are free to choose whatever account capacity you need for each application.

After the desired tariff has been selected, its price will appear at the page bottom. If you are ready to pay for it, click on the "Next" button to proceed to payment.

Important note: Before switching to a cheaper or free pricing plan, make sure that the amount of data stored in your account does not exceed the limitations of such a plan.