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Color coding for access permission values in WebAsyst Installer

Section "Diagnostics -> File manager" of the administrative page WebAsyst Installer allows you to view statistical information about the elements of the WebAsyst file system as well as to perform a limited number of actions on them. The "Permissions" column contains the access permission values of each file and directory displayed as three-digit numbers colored green or red.

Note: Information contained in this article will be useful for users of servers with UNIX-like operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD).

The choice of color coding for each permission value depends on the fact whether the virtual user of the server's operating system, under which the web server process runs, has sufficient permissions to modify (e.g., rewrite) a given file or directory. If modification of a file or a directory is possible using the web server's resources (e.g., by means of the PHP script of the file manager in WebAsyst Installer), then a permission value is colored green, otherwise the red color is used. Therefore, if a permission value is colored red, the "Chmod" link on the right will not allow you to set a different value for the corresponding element. Please ask your server administrator for assistance in this case.

Tip: A detailed explanation of the access permissions of files and directories is contained in a separate article.