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Accepting payments with Chronopay

The Chronopay payment system offers owners of web stores an opportunity to accept online payments made by credit cards. Accepting such payments using Chronopay in WebAsyst Shop-Script is possible with the help of two payment modules:

Chronopay (payment page)

In case of using this payment option a customer is automatically redirected to the Chronopay secure payment page after the checkout completion. Setting up this payment module is easier, but its drawback is that customers need to leave your online store to make a payment.

Chronopay (gateway)

With this payment module set up, customers place an order and enter their payment credentials directly in your storefront. Setting up this payment option is a little more complicated as installation of an SSL certificate for your store domain name and enabling the cURL extension for PHP are required. However, its advantage is that customers do not need to leave your online store to pay for their orders.

Note: If you are using Shop-Script as a WebAsyst online service, installing an SSL certificate or the cURL extensions are not required.
Important: Chronopay Direct (gateway) integration option is not included into the standard distribution of Shop-Script software due to the PCI DSS compliance restrictions. Therefore, it is available only to owners of open-source licenses and is not available to users of the WebAsyst online services.

Sign up for a Chronopay account

The account registration in Chronopay takes several days and is described in detail on the Chronopay website. To apply for an account go to the registration page at https://apply.chronopay.com/registration.html.

Configure your WebAsyst Shop-Script online store

With a Chronopay account registered, you have to set up a corresponding payment module in your online store:

  1. Log in to the WebAsyst Shop-Script administrative backend, proceed to section "Settings -> Payment", and click on "Add payment type".
  2. Choose the "Accept credit cards" option and click on "Next >>".
  3. Select the necessary Chronopay payment option and click on "Next >>":
    • Chronopay (payment page)
    • Chronopay (gateway)
  4. Specify the following parameters on the payment module setup page:

    Product ID: copy this value should from your Chronopay account;
    USD currency type: select the currency which corresponds to the United States dollars in your online store;
    Chronopay payment page interface language: select the language in which the Chronopay payment page should be displayed; this parameter is only available for the Chronopay (payment page) module and is missing in Chronopay (gateway);
    Shared Secret: this value was emailed to you after the completion of your Chronopay account registration, just copy it from that email message;
    Append approved orders following status: choose the status that should be assigned to the orders successfully paid through Chronopay.

  5. Complete the payment module setup by clicking on the "Save" button. Right after that the new payment module will become available for the customers of your online store.