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What is different between a completed and a deleted project?

If after some time of working on a project you decide that all its tasks have been fully completed, such a project can be either completed or deleted. The difference between these options is explained below.

Completing a project

If completed, a project remains in the project list of an account. Any changes to a completed project (e.g. adding or deleting tasks) are impossible. However, all users, who have appropriate status may view the contents of a completed project and its tasks. In order to complete a project, use menu item "Project... -> Complete Project".

Note: When completing a project, you can select to "Leave open tasks", in this case all tasks of the project that have not been completed before the project completion will remain uncompleted and can be completed at any later time.

Should you need to add more tasks to a previously completed project, it can be resumed using menu item "Project... -> Resume Project".

Users of the WebAsyst online services should take into account that completed projects are also counted to determine whether the account's tariff-defined limit on the number of projects has not been exceeded.

Deleting a project

Instead of completing a project you can totally delete it. In this case all tasks added and files uploaded to the project are deleted, too.

Deleting a project may be useful if the information contained in it is not supposed to be re-used and if you need to add a new project so that the allowed number of projects for your account is not exceeded. In all other cases it is recommended to complete a project rather than delete it as this will allow you to keep good track of all works completed under your management.