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What are contact lists used for?

Combining contacts into lists with WebAsyst Contacts greatly increases the convenience and efficiency of performing bulk e-mailing campaigns using WebAsyst Mail.

When sending an e-mail message you can either select all recipients one by one by selecting the necessary contacts in the "To" field. However, if you are sending messages to a large number of recipients (over 20) selecting all of them is not too handy and may result in some of the contacts being omitted or wrong contacts included into the recipient list by mistake.

To avoid such problems, creating contact lists using WebAsyst Contacts prior to sending a message is recommended. Lists can be static or search-based.

Static lists contain only manually selected contacts.

Search-based lists contain all contacts whose properties satisfy several search conditions: e.g. all contacts residing in the specified folder or those containing equal field values. Creation of contact lists is described in greater detail in the user manual.

Tip: Any of your contacts can be included into an unlimited number of contact lists. Thus, the same contact may receive notifications of new product arrivals in a web store and information about new SMS campaigns, provided that that contact is included into both lists, to which those messages are sent.

In order to send an e-mail message to a list of contacts, open WebAsyst Mail and select menu item "Compose message".

To select the necessary contact lists, click on the "Lists" link under the "To" field, then tick the required lists as shown in the picture and send your message – it will be delivered to all contacts of the selected lists who have an e-mail address specified in their properties.

IMPORTANT: Sending a message to a large number of recipients may require significant resources of your web server! Should the performance or the configuration of the web server be insufficient for this task, then your message will be sent only to some of the specified addresses. To ensure that your messages are always successfully sent, a cron job must be set up prior to mailing. In this case a message will be periodically sent to the remaining recipients every hour, until it is sent to all of them.