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Converting a contact into an account user

Since a contact is simply a database record containing some information of a person or an organization, that person or organization has no ability to access your WebAsyst account by default. In order to be able to access the account, a contact must be first converted to an account user.

Converting a contact to a user is easy. To do so, open a folder or a list containing the required contact, and click its name to view the contact's details. On the next page click the "Create user account for this contact" link in the right-hand vertical pane, enter a login name and a password for the new contact, and communicate those data to the user.

You may also allow the new user to enter the desired login name and password. In this case you should click "Create user account for this contact" as explained above and enable the "Let this user create their own login name" option, click "Save", and follow the on-screen instructions. Then send a special invitation link to the contact — it will allow the new user to register him/herself and immediately log in to the account.

Tip: Do not forget to configure access rights for the new user! Otherwise he/she will see a blank screen upon login.