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Are completed projects counted to determine whether the allowed number of projects is exceeded?

In WebAsyst online services the allowed number of projects that can be created in WebAsyst Projects varies from 2 to 50 depending on the pricing plan (except for the plans that do not have such a limitation at all). When completing previously created projects or creating new ones it should be taken into account that completed projects are counted together with active ones to determine whether the account's tariff-defined limit on the number of projects has been exceeded.

Even though a completed projects may not be used in your business process any more and seem useless, its storage in the database of the online service requires certain disc space just as a complete project does.

If creating of a new project with the current pricing plan is not possible due to the appropriate limitation being exceeded, you can delete several previously completed projects if you are sure that storing them in your account is not necessary.

Tip: If you have doubts whether a project should be deleted, please read article "What is different between a completed and a deleted project?" prior to deletion.