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Distorted pages after update

After an update of WebAsyst to a newer version some account sections or WebAsyst Installer may look distorted or appear blank. It is often caused by insufficient permissions of the compiled Smarty files. You can eliminate this problem in several ways:

  1. Clear Smarty cache using WebAsyst Installer section "Diagnostics -> Clear cache".
  2. Assign maximum permissions to directory kernel/includes/smarty/compiled/ and all its contents.
  3. Completely clear out the contents of directory kernel/includes/smarty/compiled/ and assign permissions to it so that the web server could rewrite its contents (value 777 is recommended).

Removing or rewriting any files inside directory kernel/includes/smarty/compiled/ or also its subdirectories is absolutely safe for normal operation of WebAsyst. Such files are temporary ones and are automatically re-created if removed or renamed.

Tip: to speed up the process of removing the contents of directory kernel/includes/smarty/compiled/, you can simulate it as described below:

  • rename directory compiled to compiled1, for instance;
  • create directory compiled;
  • assign maximum permissions to the newly created compiled directory.

It is recommended to remove directory compiled1 at a later time to avoid ineffective disc space utilization.