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Editing columns in the task list: hiding, adding, moving

When you view the contents of a project in WebAsyst Project, the list of tasks is displayed as a table with several columns:

The quantity and mutual arrangement of columns are flexibly configurable: you can choose what columns should be displayed and which ones should be hidden as well as the order they appear in.

  • In order to hide any of the columns or add some of the currently hidden ones to the task list table, move the cursor to the header of any column except for "Status" or "Gantt" to make a button with a triangle arrow appear. Click on the button and move the cursor over item "Columns" in the menu that will pop up, this should display a window with the list of all available columns:

    Select all the columns that you need to be displayed or unselect those you would like to hide and click on menu item "Columns" or press the Esc key to hide the menu.

  • Should you need to change the order of columns in the task list table, just drag and drop the column header to the desired position: