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Unique contact field "Email"

Each contact in WebAsyst Contacts has a field labeled "Email" which can store one or more email addresses for that specific contact — one address per line.

Creating a new custom field of the same type is not possible in WebAsyst Contacts as there is no such option in the type selection list available in the field-adding pop-up window. This limitation is necessary because of the special role of email addresses in WebAsyst applications, like in most other web-based systems.

In WebAsyst, email addresses are used to send bulk or personal messages, or automatic notifications to contacts. To avoid ambiguity when choosing the right email address of a contact for such purposes, we have limited the number of "Email" type fields to one. If a contact has more than one email address in that field, the first one of them will be used as the contact's main address. All messages and automatic notifications are always sent to the main email address of a contact.