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WebAsyst does not send out email notifications

WebAsyst allows sending various email messages and automatic notifications to the account users. For sending emails WebAsyst uses PHP function mail() by default. Instead of it function SMTP connection can be used if set up in WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> General Settings".

If email notifications are not sent out check the following:

  1. Whether the server is correctly configured to send emails:
    • On UNIX-like operating systems PHP configuration file php.ini must contain a valid path to file sendmail in the value of the sendmail_path parameter.
    • On Windows operating systems SMTP connection is used; its parameters must be specified in file php.ini as shown below (the example contains default values):
      SMTP = localhost
      smtp_port = 25
  2. If you have configured SMTP connection using WebAsyst Installer, make sure that your web hosting provider supports dispatch of email messages through SMTP connection and, if so, check whether SMTP parameters have been entered correctly.
  3. In WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> General Settings" the correct email address must be saved in field "Robot Email Address". That email address should be allowed by the web hosting provider as the sender address for emails sent out by PHP scripts. Quite often it should be an email address created on the same domain name where WebAsyst Shop-Script is installed.
  4. If emails are not sent by WebAsyst Shop-Script, the following should also be checked:

  5. Log in to the store administrator account, go to section "Settings -> Settings -> General" and save the allowed sender address in field "General email address of your store".
  6. Analyze the contents of email error messages if they are written to log file /data/DATABASE_KEY/attachments/SC/temp/send_mail_errors(DATE).log. Their contents will help you to understand the cause of the problem preventing the script from sending out email messages.