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Error 404 "Page Not Found" when I run install.php

To install WebAsyst, after extracting the distribution archive and uploading its contents to the server, you need to run file install.php in a browser to start the WebAsyst Installation Wizard. If error code 404 "Page Not Found" is displayed in the browser, the URL of file install.php was entered incorrectly. To correctly enter the URL of file install.php, find out the name of the domain root directory. On most servers it is named public_html, htdocs, http, httpdocs or www.

  • If you are installing WebAsyst at a URL of kind http://domain.com/ then upload installation files to the domain root directory and type a URL of kind http://domain.com/install.php in your browser address bar to run the installation wizard.
  • If the URL of WebAsyst should contain the name of a subdirectory, e.g. http://domain.com/new/ then upload installation files to that subdirectory and enter a URL of kind http://domain.com/new/install.php to start the installation wizard.
Tip: The name of file install.php should be entered in lower case. Attempts to run "INSTALL.PHP" instead of "install.php" will most probably result in occurrence of error 404 "Page Not Found".