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Message "Warning: error_log(...) failed to open stream: Permission denied"

An attempt to log in to your WebAsyst account or open the WebAsyst Shop-Script storefront may sometimes result in appearance of the following file access related error message:

Warning: error_log(/path_to_webasyst/kernel/errors.log) [function.error-log
[http://domain.com/published/function.error-log] ]: failed to open stream:
Permission denied in /path_to_webasyst/kernel/functions.php on line 7701

Such a message means that the web server failed to modify WebAsyst log file kernel/errors.log. To avoid such errors, assign wider write access rights to that file and directory kernel/ (e.g., 666 or 664 for the file and 777 or 775 for the directory on a UNIX/Linux server).