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What are the limitations that come with my free account?

Owners of free accounts may use all of the WebAsyst online services listed on our website. A free account, however, comes with some limitations on the amount of information you can store in it. To remove those limitations all you need is to switch to one of the paid plans.

Yet there are several options that are unavailable to free account owners:

  • domain name registration;
  • setting up any domain name for the storefront of your online store (e.g. http://domain.com/ instead of the default http://accountname.webasyst.net/shop/);
  • creation of email addresses on your own domain (e.g. info@domain.com instead of the default info@accountname.webasyst.net).

In order to take advantage of all those options use of a paid tariff plan is necessary. If you have already switched to a paid plan, go to section "Account -> My Domains" to register a new domain name.

A free account which has not been used for more than one month may be deleted. To avoid the deletion of your account, log in to it at least once a month.