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Adding custom records to file .htaccess

File .htaccess which is located in the WebAsyst installation directory is used for fine-tuning of your web server's configuration parameters. The contents of that file are automatically updated every time you click the "Save" button in WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> Frontend Settings".

For generation of its contents, auxiliary configuration files located in directory published/wbsadmin/html/configs/ are used. In order to add custom records to file .htaccess and to preserve them from automatic removal during WebAsyst frontend settings updates, follow the steps described below:

  1. Open file published/wbsadmin/html/configs/.htaccess.user with a text editor. If there is no such file on your server, create it (e.g., using an FTP client or a file manager in your web-hosting account interface).
  2. Add desired records to that file and save it.
  3. Open WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> Frontend Settings" and click the "Save" button. Check the contents of the .htaccess file; your custom records previously added to file .htaccess.user should appear at its beginning.