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Error 500 "Internal Server Error" when I run install.php

When trying to run file install.php during the installation of WebAsyst your browser may display error message "500 Internal Server Error". Most frequently encountered causes of that error are listed below:

  1. Presence of file .htaccess in the WebAsyst installation directory on a server where use of such configuration files is not allowed. Remove or rename file .htaccess and re-run install.php.
  2. Permission values assigned to the WebAsyst installation directory, file install.php or also other files in that directory may not comply with the security policy established by the web hosting administration. Assign maximum permission values to WebAsyst files and directories allowed by the web hosting provider.
  3. File install.php or also other WebAsyst files are corrupted. Re-upload the contents of the distribution archive to the server.
  4. Other errors of unclear nature have occurred. Request web server log records for your web hosting account from the hosting provider support team or the server administrator.