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Installing and updating applications by preserving customized source code

If you have modified the source code of WebAsyst applications, your changes may be lost during an update to a newer version or installation of other applications. Below are provided tips on how to preserve custom code changes in this situation.

Method 1 (for installation of other applications or updating to a new version)

  1. Copy the existing WebAsyst applications to a temporary address, i.e. to a local web server or a subdomain (e.g., test.yourdomain.com) by following the instructions. Copy both the scripts files and the database!
  2. Connect the temporary scripts copy to the copied database. Otherwise your current database will be updated!
  3. Update the copied scripts using the WebAsyst Installer. This will install newly purchased applications and update the previously installed ones.
  4. Re-apply changes to the source code of updated applications on the temporary server/domain and test their functionality.
  5. Once the desired effect is achieved, update the main instance of WebAsyst scripts and apply the same changes to it. Then remove the temporary copy of scripts and the related database copy.

Method 2 (for installation of other applications)

  1. Send a request to the WebAsyst support team to have newly purchased applications removed to a separate license.
  2. After a separate license is created, download its applications from the WebAsyst Customer Center and install them at a different URL; e.g., on a separate domain name (or a subdomain) or in a subfolder. Note! Installing several applications at different URLs will make them unavailable within a common WebAsyst account.