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How do I change my password for WebAsyst Installer?

To save a different password for Installer, delete the file named .wbs_protect from the temp/ subdirectory inside the root WebAsyst directory on the server.

Tip: Use an FTP client or a file manager in your web-hosting control panel to delete the file.

Then open WebAsyst Installer by entering a URL of the following form in a browser: http://WEBASYST_INSTALLATION_URL/installer/, for example, http://mydomain.com/installer/. If the temp/.wbs_protect file has been successfully deleted, this page should contain a red area with text fields to save a new user name and a password as shown in the picture below:

Enter the desired values in those fields and click the confirmation button.

Note: You must enter equal values in fields "Password" and "Confirm password" to successfully save the new password.