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Enabling enhanced protection option for contacts' online accounts

As of version 301, WebAsyst Contacts allow enabling enhanced protection for contacts' online accounts. Such protection is ensured through inclusion of a contact's primary email address into his/her online account's URL.

Note: The enhanced protection option is available only to owners of open-source WebAsyst licenses and is not available to users of the WebAsyst online services.

Important! Once enhanced protection is enabled, existing links to online accounts will be pointing to non-existing pages and will return error "Page not found"! Enhanced protection should be enabled only if you did not send links to online account to your contacts before.

How to add extra protection for online accounts

  1. Create a text file named config.php with the following contents:
    define('STRONG_AUTH', 1);
  2. Upload the file to subdirectory system/ inside the main WebAsyst installation directory.