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How to organize newsletter subscription

WebAsyst Contacts allows easily organizing email newsletter subscription for your website visitors who would like to receive informational messages from you. To subscribe for newsletters, a visitor should submit his or her email address using a special form on your website. Creation and setup of signup forms as well as their publication on a website are described in the WebAsyst Contacts user manual.

When setting up a web form, ensure that the "Email" field is marked as required. Otherwise subscribers may forget to enter their email addresses.

Be sure to add an unsubscription link to all newsletters so that each subscriber has an opportunity to refuse to receive further email messages from you. Failure to fulfill this recommendation will in most cases qualify you as a spammer. To add an unsubsciption link, use the {UNSUBSCRIBE} variable in the message-editing window in WebAsyst Contacts or WebAsyst Mail.

Brief summary of the newsletter subscription setup

  1. Create and customize a signup form using WebAsyst Contacts to fit your needs.
  2. Add the form to your website pages.
  3. Wait while website visitors submit their email addresses through the form.
  4. Compose the newsletter text and add a unsubscription link using the WebAsyst Contacts or WebAsyst Mail application.
  5. Send the newsletter to subscribers.