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Attaching files to projects

When creating a new project with WebAsyst Projects a manager must enter its description, select a customer, assign the project's implementation to a manager, specify whether the project should be billable, and its date of creation. However, quite often such information is not enough to ensure availability of the detailed description of a project for employees and comfortable access to it. In addition to the above mentioned project properties, a detailed description (e.g., technical specification, concept description, or just a graphical scheme) can be attached to a project, if you have WebAsyst Files installed.

Note: If you are using WebAsyst online services, installing additional applications is not required, it is enough to have access to the Files application. Access rights to WebAsyst Files are set up in account section "Users" on the "Access" tab of the user properties window. Granting access to individual folder is not necessary as access rights to project-related files and folders are assigned automatically according to each user's permissions for each project, as described below.

In order to upload files linked to a project open WebAsyst Projects and click on the "Files" button to the right of the project selection drop-down list as shown in the picture:

If no files have been uploaded to projects in your account before, click on the "Create Project Folder" after reading a brief instruction on the page. After the page reloads you will see a file manager similar to that available in the WebAsyst Files application. Its basic difference from Files is that in this section you can only manage files linked to projects.

The project manager and other users with similar access rights are allowed to upload new files to project folders (access rights "Write" for Projects) as well as add and delete subfolders with their contents (access rights "Full"). Users of WebAsyst Projects with limited access rights ("Read") may only download project-linked files and view their contents.