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How to transfer a WebAsyst scripts license from a reseller to a client

Before transferring a license, a WebAsyst reseller must first of all acquaint his/her client with the terms and conditions of the WebAsyst Software Agreement.

Once the client's consent with all provisions of the Software Agreement has been obtained, the reseller must register the license transfer in his/her Customer Center account by completing the transfer form and providing the following information about the client:

  • client's email address (a new Customer Center account will be created for this email address, if it does not exist);
  • domain name where WebAsyst scripts will be installed;
  • client's full name;
  • company name (if available);
  • telephone number & postal address.

Important: Enter the client's email address carefully! A mistake may result in a license transferred to a completely different person.

The success message means that the rights to the license have correctly been transferred to the reseller's client.