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Message "SMS function disabled" in the account

After installation of WebAsyst scripts on your server a message saying "SMS function disabled. Please contact your WebAsyst Administrator." may appear in your account upon a click on the "SMS History" link in the "Account" section.

To activate the SMS history on your server the following setup is necessary:

  1. Open WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> SMS" and configure one or several SMS modules. To do so, click on the "Modify" link to the right of the module name and enter your personal connection data.
  2. Tip: To obtain connection data for SMS module configuration, registering with an SMS provider is required; the name of the appropriate provider is specified in the "Description" column of the SMS module list.
  3. With SMS modules set up, proceed to WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> Database" and enable option "SMS Settings -> Enable SMS" by selecting one of the previously configured SMS modules and entering the desired maximum recipients limit value.

With the SMS option enabled  a click on the "SMS History" link in the "Account" section should display the SMS history page as show in the picture: