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SMS setup

In order that SMS can be sent to users, contacts, and customers whose telephone numbers are stored in a WebAsyst account, connection to an SMS provider (a company which forwards SMS messages from your WebAsyst account to the recipient's mobile operator) must be set up.

If you are a user of the WebAsyst online services, such connection is already set up for you and is ready for use. If you have purchased and installed the scripts of WebAsyst applications, be sure to set up such connection following the instructions provided below.

Note: SMS connection in WebAsyst Shop-Script must be set up separately from other WebAsyst applications (in a similar fashion — in backend section "Orders -> SMS").

  1. Choose an SMS provider.

    WebAsyst supports connection to the following providers: Clickatell, SMSAPI, SMSdriver. Choose the company which offers the most advantageous conditions.

  2. Sign up for the SMS provider's services.

    Get registered on the provider's website and add funds to your SMS balance. After registration the provider will send you personal connection credentials: user name, password, server URL, etc.

  3. Set up an SMS connection module.

    • Open WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> SMS".
    • Click "Modify" to the right of your SMS provider's name.
    • On the next page click the "Enable now" button.
    • Enter your connection credentials in the provided text fields and click "Save".
  4. Select a module and enable SMS sending.

    • Open WebAsyst Installer section «Settings -> Database».
    • Under heading "SMS Settings" turn on the "Enable SMS" option, select the desired SMS module from the "Gateway" list and, if necessary, specify a maximum number of recipients allowed for each message.
    • Click "Save".