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Fast adding a large number of tasks to a project

Adding a large number of tasks (over 10) to a project using the web interface of WebAsyst Projects may prove a tiresome work. To speed it up, use of the task import feature is recommended as described below.

  1. Using menu item "Task... -> Export Task (s)" export one or several available tasks into a file.
  2. Open the exported task list file with a table editor (e.g., OpenOffice/LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel), to learn its structure.
  3. Create your own task list file on its basis and save it in the CSV format.
  4. Import the created task list file using menu item "Task... -> Import Task (s)" following the import wizard instructions.

Task list importing feature allows you to quickly add almost unlimited number of new tasks (the maximum number of tasks is only limited by the the capacity of the server WebAsyst is installed on). Through the use of this feature substantial time economy during project management is achieved.