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Why do I need user groups?

Managing WebAsyst users access rights may become a challenge if you have quite a few users in your account. To avoid the necessity of setting up access rights for each user individually, it is recommended to use group management. Managing groups allows to perform quick access rights setup for a large number of account users.

Utilization of the group management feature is justified if many account users have equal or very similar access rights. Note that for each user always applies a combination of his or her individual access rights and the access rights of the groups he or she participates in. With all that, each user may participate in several groups.

Below are provided several examples of common situations where using group management is more efficient than configuring each user's access rights on the system:

  1. There are many account users who have similar tasks and privileges: e.g. they are allowed to download files but may not delete them; may add new products to the online store catalog but may not make design changes; have the right to view the tasks assigned to them but do not have access to assign new tasks to others. Instead of configuring each user, you can much faster create a group with the necessary access rights and include all such users into it. Should some of them require additional privileges, you can configure those users individually.
  2. You have added a new folder using the Files application and would like to share its contents with a large number of users. Granting access rights to the folder for each user may take too long and be a tiresome procedure. Just create a group with required access rights and add all the necessary users to that group. This will make the whole process more logical and will help you to avoid eventual mistakes.