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I am asked to enter the database key, where can I get it?

After successful installation of WebAsyst the login account page should contain only two text fields: "Login name" and "Password". However, sometimes it may also contain the database key field as shown in the picture:


This can happen if parameter dbkey is not assigned any value in file kernel/wbs.xml. That parameter should contain the correct database key equal to the name of the XML file (not including extension) located in directory dblist/. In order to add the missing parameter value to file kernel/wbs.xml, go to WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> Frontend Settings" and click on "Save". Clicking on this button will generate correct contents of the file by adding a value to the dbkey parameter.

If the problem persists even after that, make sure that permissions of file kernel/wbs.xml allow the web server to modify its contents. Once the access permissions have been changed, click on "Save" again.