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How to manually update WebAsyst scripts

To update WebAsyst to a newer version it is recommended to use WebAsyst Installer section "Update". Yet the automated update function may be unavailable for reasons explained below:
  • missing connection to the Internet (WebAsyst is installed on a local network);
  • connection of the server to the Internet or only to the WebAsyst update server is unstable which may prevent WebAsyst Installer from correctly updating the software;
  • PHP parameter allow_url_fopen is disabled and there is no possibility to have it enabled.

If you cannot run automated updating routine for one of the above reasons you should perform manual update of WebAsyst as described above.

Tip: Before updating WebAsyst back up all important data!
  1. Download the WebAsyst distribution archive from your WebAsyst Customer Center account.
  2. Unpack the downloaded file webasyst_setup.wbs.tgz.
  3. Upload the contents of the unpacked archive to the server directory where WebAsyst is installed. Replace all files with existing names when prompted.
  4. Run file install.php in a web browser.
  5. Follow the instructions of the update wizard.
Note: Running file install.php does not remove user-related data from the database! All existing users, contacts, projects, messages, products, orders and other similar information will remain in the database after an update, whether automated or manual.

If you have installed updated versions of WebAsyst applications offering new features, be sure to grant yourself access rights to such new features on the user settings page to be able to use them.