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What is WebAsyst Installer?

WebAsyst Installer is a special configuration page which allows to manage basic WebAsyst parameters. Using WebAsyst Installer you can set up connection to the database server, configure the localization of user accounts and dispatch of SMS messages as well as perform system diagnostics and eliminate system failures. WebAsyst Installer also allows to perform automated update to a newer version and install newly purchased WebAsyst applications. WebAsyst Installer is only available to customers who have purchased the open-source version of WebAsyst.

Note: You can access WebAsyst Installer, if you have installed WebAsyst on your own server or a web-hosting site. Users of WebAsyst online service cannot access WebAsyst Installer.

To open WebAsyst Installer on your server, enter the following URL in the browser address bar: http://WEBASYST_INSTALLATION_URL/installer/.

Note: It is strongly recommended to protect WebAsyst Installer with a secure password to avoid unauthorized access to your system's configuration!