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What server directories are user files uploaded to?

User files uploaded into a WebAsyst account are stored in 2 server directories:

  • data/: contains files accessible only through means provided by WebAsyst. Direct access to such files (through typing their location and the file name in a browser address bar) should be restricted by the web server. Below are several examples of files located in the data/ directory:
    • files saved in WebAsyst Files, Photos or Issues (are only accessible from within an account or via a special link);
    • digital product files in WebAsyst Shop-Script (are accessible only via special links automatically generated and emailed to customers);
    • files containing WebAsyst Shop-Script logs (are accessible only through WebAsyst Installer).
  • published/publicdata/: contains files directly accessible to any Internet user. Below are provided several examples of such publicly accessible files:
    • CSS style and image files used in the WebAsyst Shop-Script frontend;
    • image files used in published web pages created by means of WebAsyst Pages.