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Who is the "main user"?

During the installation of WebAsyst it is required to enter a login name and a password of the so-called main user on the "Creating Database" page of the installation wizard. The main user has several functions as described below:

  1. To complete the installation of WebAsyst it is required to log in on behalf of the main user to the WebAsyst account. During the first login the database is filled with necessary tables and default values to complete the installation process.
  2. Upon the first login the main user has full access to all WebAsyst applications and account management tools including the user management section. Thus, the main user can add new account users and assign necessary access rights to them.
  3. The password of the main user is automatically copied for the ADMINISTRATOR account during the installation.
The password and privileges of the main user can be changed in section "Users" in that user's account or the ADMINISTRATOR account. The password of the ADMINISTRATOR account can be changed in WebAsyst Installer.