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System requirements for WebAsyst installation

For correct installation and operation of WebAsyst the following system requirements must be satisfied.

Requirements to the web server

  1. Server software components necessary for WebAsyst installation:
    • Web server with PHP support; e.g., Apache, lighttpd, IIS
    • PHP ver. 5.0.5–5.4.x
    • database server MySQL ver. 4.1 or higher
    Use of stable versions of server software components is recommended. Should unstable versions be used, installation and operation of WebAsyst may be obstructed or impossible.
  2. The following PHP extensions must be installed and enabled:
    • mbstring;
    • SimpleXML;
    • DOM/XML;
    • GD with JPEG support;
    • Imagick (optional, recommended for faster graphics processing);
    • zlib (optional);
    • gettext (optional);
    • mysql;
    • curl (optional, necessary for several modules in WebAsyst Shop-Script)
  3. The following PHP parameters must be assigned values specified below:
    • allow_url_fopenOn (optional, necessary for performing automatic software update and correct operation of several functions in WebAsyst applications)
    • file_uploadsOn
    • magic_quotes_gpcOff
    • magic_quotes_runtimeOff
    • memory_limit — at least 32М (this value should not exceed the physically available amount of server memory, otherwise only the available amount will be used regardless of the specified value; correct processing of image files by several WebAsyst applications may require an amount of memory exceeding the recommended minimal value of 32 MB)
    • safe_modeOff
    • short_open_tagOn
    • zend.ze1_compatibility_modeOff
  4. The following modules of the Apache web server should be disabled for normal functioning of several WebAsyst applications:
    • mod_security (may block file upload)
  5. The following modules of the Apache web server should be enabled in case of installing WebAsyst Shop-Script (to allow for SEO-friendly URLs):
    • mod_rewrite
  6. The directory where WebAsyst will be installed shall be assigned permissions to allow the web server to rewrite its contents. For UNIX-like operating systems one of the following permission values is recommended: 777, 775 or 755 depending on the server configuration.
    Maximum allowed permission values for files and directories are defined by the (web hosting) server administrator. Find out those values before the installation.
  7. Availability of at least 100 MB free disk space.

Important note: Before installing WebAsyst applications on your own server (VDS/VPS), to have all system parameters set up correctly, please do consult a professional system administrator with experience in configuring web servers for PHP scripts.

Requirements to the client software

For installation and comfortable work with WebAsyst it is recommended to use one of the following web browsers:
  • Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 or higher;
  • Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher;
  • Safari.

The web browser must have support of JavaScript, cookie files and plugins (Flash) enabled.