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Moving WebAsyst to another server

When moving WebAsyst to another server keep to the following rules to ensure correct operation of the software after the data transfer:

  1. Change permissions of the WebAsyst directory on the destination server to the values allowing the web server to modify its contents. On UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD servers values 777, 777 or 755 are recommended depending on the server configuration.
  2. Copy all files and subdirectories from the WebAsyst installation directory and upload them to the destination server. To preserve the existing permissions of files and directories, use the TAR archiving format.
  3. Set permissions for WebAsyst files and directories following the guidelines provided in section "4. Protecting WebAsyst after installation" of the installation manual.
  4. Export the contents of the WebAsyst database and save it as a text file (database dump). The phpMyAdmin tool often offers automatic packing of the dump file to a ZIP or TAR.GZ archive. Consider using that option to make the data transfer more convenient.
  5. Import the database dump into an empty database on the destination server.
  6. Set up a MySQL user on the destination server and grant him all privileges to access the database containing the imported WebAsyst data.
  7. Save valid database connection parameters in WebAsyst Installer sections "Settings -> MySQL server" and "Settings -> Database".
  8. Go to WebAsyst Installer section "Settings -> General settings" and specify correct relative path to the WebAsyst installation directory in field "Relative path to WebAsyst installation dir".
    Tip: If the WebAsyst URL should not change after the transfer to another server, modifying this field is not required.
  9. Clear cache in WebAsyst Installer section "Diagnostics -> Clear cache".