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Automated WebAsyst update

WebAsyst Installer allows to carry out automated update of your WebAsyst installation to the latest version available. Updating WebAsyst can be necessary in the following cases:

  • a new WebAsyst version has been released;
  • you have purchased other WebAsyst which need to be installed;
  • WebAsyst files were corrupted or incorrectly modified and need to be restored to the original condition.
Important note: During an update WebAsyst preserves all user data (product images, projects and issues, email messages, uploaded files etc.). The automated update routine only replaces outdated source code files and applies corrective changes to the database structure with its contents left unchanged.
Warning: If you applied changes to the source PHP code or design templates, they may be lost during an automated update. In this case it may be convenient to first test the updating process with a copy of currently installed scripts on a test server or a subdomain (e.g., temp.yourdomain.com). Once stable operation is achieved with the updated copy, either use it to replace the main instance of WebAsyst scripts or remove the temporary copy and update the currently installed scripts.

Description of the update process

  1. Back up all existing files and user data. If WebAsyst is installed on a virtual web hosting you can use backup tools provided in the web hosting control panel. A backup saved before an update will help you to restore all your data in case of a hardware or software failure (e.g. hosting server breakdown or server-side system software error).
  2. Ensure that permissions of all WebAsyst files and directories allow the web server to overwrite their contents. The update routine replaces outdated files with new ones. Permissions can be changed either by means of an FTP client or the file manager usually available in a web-hosting control panel.
    Note: Changing permissions of files or directories is not a required step and may be necessary only if previous WebAsyst update attempts failed due to to insufficient permissions.
  3. Log in to WebAsyst Installer by entering a user name and a password.
  4. Make sure that you have the WebAsyst license number saved in section "Settings -> General Settings" in field "License number". The license number can be found in the WebAsyst Customer Center in section "Software".
  5. Proceed to section "Update" and tick two options if you agree with their contents:

    • I agree that this update will replace all my WebAsyst source code files with files from the newest version, which means that all changes that I made to the source code may be lost.
    • I agree that my license number and my WebAsyst installation URL will be sent to WebAsyst update server.

    Click on the "Update Now" button.

  6. The update routine will connect to the WebAsyst update server and download an archive with the latest available source files. A progress bar displaying the degree of the downloading process in percents will appear in your browser.
  7. Upon completion of the source files download the update routine will display the source files installation page. A progress bar will display the progress of the installation process.
  8. When the installation is completed, the update summary page with information about the update results will open.
Should the automated procedure fail, please refer to the description of the manual WebAsyst update.

If you have installed updated versions of WebAsyst applications offering new features, be sure to grant yourself access rights to such new features on the user settings page to be able to use them.