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Why is my website not working?

If your WebAsyst-powered website has ceased working correctly or does not load at all in a web browser, be sure to carefully read all recommendations provided in this article to immediately begin troubleshooting before sending a request to the support team.

Section "Diagnostics" in WebAsyst Installer

First of all, check for error messages in section "Diagnostics" of the WebAsyst Installer page. Should you fail to eliminate the problem using the diagnostic information displayed there, clear all cache in section "Diagnostics -> Clear cache".

Server errors

If a 3-digit error code is displayed in your browser (e.g., 403, 404, 500, 502, or 504), read about its meaning and follow the provided recommendations to fix the corresponding server error.

Blank page

If a blank page opens in your browser when you type in your website's URL in the browser address bar, these recommendations will help you to make it operational again.

Typical cases

Below are described typical situations when WebAsyst scripts cease working correctly and general advice is given for each case. Suggested measures should be taken with all the above recommendations taken into account.

After a long period of normal operation

  1. Test the Internet connection on your computer. Can you open other websites in your browser? Try to use another web browser or a different computer, or connect to the Internet via another provider. The problem might be caused by extensions installed in your browser, try to disable them temporarily.
  2. Run the traceroute command to test the Internet connection to your web-hosting server.

After moving the website to another server or to a different domain name (URL)

  1. Ensure that the WebAsyst scripts were moved to the new server in strict accordance with the guidelines.
  2. Ensure that new DNS server names for your domain name have been propagated throughout the global DNS. This process may take up to 36 hours.

After updating or upgrading scripts to a new version

  1. The update routine was carried out incorrectly or has not been fully completed. Run the update routine again by following the guidelines.
  2. Permissions of WebAsyst files or directories have changed during the software update. Note that correct functioning of WebAsyst is possible only if the requirements provided in section "4. Protecting WebAsyst after installation" of the installation manual are satisfied.

After changing source code or design settings

  1. Try to restore the original source code or storefront design.
  2. Update the scripts via WebAsyst Installer by following the guidelines.